Perfume bottle decoration is the most efficient way to distinguish your perfume brand. Among various ways to decorate your perfume bottle, standard metallization is one of the most common. In this post, we’ll go through the features, steps of standard metallization for your reference.


What is Standard Metallization?

Standard metallization, also known as UV coating, is a physical deposition method in custom perfume bottle decoration. The process of standard metallization is described as follows:

1. Surface Treatment: Pre-Processing of the Perfume Bottle

Before the substrate is coated, surface treatment, i.e., dedusting and degreasing, must be made to ensure the plating material is clean and dry to avoid the defects of the undercoated layer and the weakening of adhesion force. Special materials can also be modified to achieve the desired coating effect.

2. Base Coating: The Form of Base Coating Layer

The process of base coating can be conducted by spraying or dip-coating. In this step, based coating layers are formed, and the surface texture is further improved. When the base coating is finished, the substrate is put under a temperature between 60 – 70℃ to make the film fully dry.

3. Film Plating: The Finished Layer of Coating

In this step, the film plating machine will conduct film plating after reaching a proper vacuum degree. The substrate material is put into the machine at a proper heating temperature to form a finished coating layer. Meanwhile, the heating temperature should be under strict control, and the metal for coating should also be well selected and used. The underuse and overuse of the coating metal will either lead to uneven coating or material wastage.

4. Surface Coating: The Strength of the Coating is Further Improved

The surface coating aims to strengthen the plated part, e.g., water resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and provide a suitable painting environment. In general, the surface coating layer is relatively thinner, so the drying temperature in this step should be lower (50~60℃).

5. Painting: The Improvement of Aesthetics

The painting process is optional for perfumers. There are two different methods for perfume bottle painting, which are water painting and oil painting. You can choose between them based on your need.

The Features of Standard Metallization

The features of standard metallization are described as follows:

1. Price

The price of standard metallization is relatively low. Thus, the standard metallization method is affordable for most perfumers and has become a popular choice among the medium and low-grade perfume market.

2. Decorative Effect

The decorative effect of standard metallization is fairly strong, and the coating film of standard metallization is thicker to cover the molding line of the material, making the exterior surface flat and smooth.

3. Durability

Standard metallization can prevent the products from rusting and abrasion, but the color tends to fade slightly after long-time use.

Final Take Away

As discussed above, standard metallization is an advanced decoration technique to distinguish your brand, yet it requires a sophisticated skill set. If you are looking for a proficient custom perfume packaging service provider, Abely is the right one for you!

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