Color Coating

Color Coating

Color Coating: also known as air Color Coating is the use of compressed air flow through the nozzle hole of the spray gun to form a negative pressure, the negative pressure makes the paint suction from the straw, spray through the nozzle, the formation of paint mist, paint mist spray to be coated parts surface to form a uniform paint film.

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In gradient color coating, we spray a light layer of color onto the glass surface, which can either be a solid color or transparent coats, matte or glossy, and part-coating to achieve a fade-out look. Color coating is an eco-friendly solution that contributes to a healthier environment. It utilizes a melting process that reduces smog-producing VOCs.


1) Strong adaptability: almost free from the restrictions of coating varieties and workpiece shapes; As long as there is air source, all kinds of painting work place can be used.

2) Good appearance quality of the paint film: the thickness of the film is uniform, smooth and smooth, and the appearance is decorative.

3) Paint atomization is sufficient: not easy to produce pinholes, bubbles and other drawbacks.

4) High painting efficiency: 150-200㎡ per hour. The corresponding perfume bottle can be sprayed with 20000pcs to 25000pcs of finished products every day


1) The coating consumption is large, the coating utilization rate is low: generally only 40%-60%, the production of large goods will waste a lot of paint.

2) The environmental pollution is serious, and the production needs to be carried out in a special spray painting room.

3) Because the coating formed by spraying is very thin, the products with light transmission requirements or thickness requirements need to be sprayed several times repeatedly to achieve the equivalent coating thickness.

4) High environmental requirements, coated ink is easy to adhere to the dust and foreign matter in the air before drying.

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