Marble Coating

Marble Coating

Marble Coating Printing Process: also known as water coating transfer technology, a kind of printing that uses water as a dissolving medium to transfer the image and text to the transfer paper/transfer film with color patterns. A water-based film that is easily dissolved in water is used to carry the graphics and texts, which are spread on the surface of the water, and the color pattern is evenly transferred to the surface of the product by the action of water pressure. Due to the excellent tension of the transfer film, it is easy to wrap around the product surface to form a graphic layer, and the product surface gets a completely different appearance just like spray paint.

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1. Marble Coating Printing is basically not limited by the shape of the product, and can overcome the dead angle problem of general traditional printing.
2. This technology is more environmentally friendly, and the residue and waste water will not pollute the environment.
3. The Marble Coating Printing film paper can be customized with any pattern. Make products more diverse.
4. Marble Coating Printing is suitable for hardware, plastic, leather, glass, ceramics, wood and other products, with a wide range of products. (paper and cloth are not suitable)

1. Its transfer image is very easy to deform, which is related to the shape of the product and the characteristics of the water transfer film itself.
2. Marble Coating Printing cannot be adsorbed on the glass. It is necessary to spray the paint layer in advance to connect the transfer film paper and the glass. And because the film paper is relatively fragile, it is necessary to spray a transparent paint layer to protect the pattern. Its own production efficiency is low, and the front and rear processes are more complicated, so the technical cost is high.

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