Packaging suppliers in the luxury sector do their best to develop a more attractive and comprehensive solution. And perfumers are no exception to this global trend, as perfume packaging is getting more attention from all standpoints.

Customized Soft Touch Perfume Bottles

Many perfumers now use soft touch, also called rubber coating, as custom perfume bottles finish. It adds a premium sense of feeling to the outer layer of the custom perfume bottle, which gives consumers a more rewarding sensory experience when shopping for new items.

To achieve this feel, manufacturers will use several different methods like painting or spraying to achieve quality soft touch layering on a product’s exterior surface. This involves forming the customized perfume bottle from whatever raw material is selected (glass, plastic, zinc alloy, etc.) and then applying a rubber coating that enhances the aesthetic and flexible touch of the final product finishing.

Our team at Abely Perfume uses a variety of colors chosen by our clients and then applies special lacquers to achieve the soft rubber effect. This transforms different products like customized glass perfume bottles into an art that is sure to engage more customer interest.

What Kinds of Surface Materials Work with Soft Touch?

Soft touch is highly versatile and can be applied to many different materials. This is highly beneficial in the perfume packaging industry, where specific raw materials are enhanced to an even more premium feel and effects, increasing the product’s value for consumers. You can see such an effect with materials like:

· Zinc Alloy: This is a kind of luxury metal alloy material that is commonly used for perfume lids among high-end niche brands. The regular zamac cap is smooth and glossy, while the rubber coating gives zamac surface a soft gentle touch.

· Glass: Besides the comforting grip and feel of the soft touch material, there is also the benefit of preventing accidental breakage of glass perfume bottles. Having that rubber layer on the exterior reinforces the strength and durability of the product while maintaining an aesthetic and sensory experience.

· Plastic: Compared to the zinc alloy above, plastic is a comparatively much more economical material that works as popular perfume lids and accessories material in the perfume field. While the soft touch coating on plastic could upgrade the quality and level visibly, it also enhances the overall value of the product and saves significant production costs.

How Does Soft Touch Improve the Design of Custom Perfume Bottles?

In the custom perfume bottle industry, soft touch layers add a unique coating on the surface of bottles that increases the tactile response by the customer. This fulfills the sensory needs of consumers as they reach for different bottles to make a purchasing comparison with factors like:

Softer touch: As its name implies, consumers like to shop not only with their eyes and nose but also with their hands. Having a layer that presents a tactile sensation while also elevating the feel of your logo or specific bottle curves and shapes will only increase interest in your product.

Tactile Element: Adding a layer of a soft touch to your custom perfume bottle allows potential clients to interact with your product in a more enhanced user experience. This is a recent trend in the perfume packaging industry that can be integrated into a logo design or specific form elements that further engage the touch sensation of clients.

Special Coating Materials: Soft touch is available in many different colors and can be customized based on your needs. This layer of special lacquer adds a premium feel to your products in a soft matte finish that does not take anything away from your branding.

The Benefits of Soft Touch on Custom Perfume Bottles

The purpose of custom perfume packaging is to stand out from the competition by offering your customers something other than what’s in the bottle. With soft touch applications, you are able to elevate the overall shopping experience by providing:

1. Wear Resistance: The added layer of rubber coating increases the overall durability of your custom perfume bottle and helps prevent any scratches or accidental falls while holding the bottle.

2. Soft to the Touch: The soft touch compliments different contours, designs, and patterns on your custom perfume bottle. This helps your product differentiate itself from the highly competitive other bottles on store shelves. In addition, you are providing a sensory experience that enhances the overall marketing capabilities of your brand.

Where to Get Started?

Abely provides perfumers worldwide with incredibly beautiful and practical solutions for custom perfume bottles. We believe that only the highest standards of packaging materials can gain a foothold in the market, from the unique bottle design and custom logo to the lid containing your brand elements of perfume.

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