A single perfume product may be easily obsoleted, but a succeed perfume brand will never fade. In a sense, the brand benefit is the soul of the market. Since a successful brand management can bring huge economic efficiency for the enterprise, simultaneously also can pour into the infinite development power for the enterprise.

To be a successful perfume brand, what factors should it have? We can get some ideas from the story of Elizabeth Taylor. With the launch of her first fragrance in 1987, Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, she built a perfume empire and one of the most successful brands in fragrance history.

”Unique & Exclusive” are perhaps the ideal label that every perfumer wants their perfume be, and wants to give their consumers deep impression. However, when you really start to develop your new perfume brand, you may run into diversified headaches, such as the cost, delivery time, minimum order quantity and other details. Today, we gonna talk about one of the details you have to pay attention: the difference between the standard and customized perfume bottle.

As the one-stop custom perfume packaging expert, Abely team has some ideas for your reference:

ProcessStandard BottleCustomized Bottle
Finalizing New DesignNO needNeeded
Finished Mold TimeNO need35-40 days
Sampling time7-15 days7-15 days
Delivery Time60-65days90-95days

If you are a large famous perfume brand or potential broker, you have a good market base and mature distribution chain, the quantity requirement (MOQ 30k) will not be a pressure for you.  Then when plan to start a new perfume brand, the customized design could be a good choice. A unique perfume packaging could help you to further occupy the market, and enhance brand image. Get guidance from here: /NEWS/61.html

If you are a novice or have not too much experience on perfume market, you may worry about various details since you are testing market at the beginning. You may need quantity only 20Kpcs or even less, then you’d better to choose from standard perfume bottles, because no need mold tooling cost, less quantity requirements and faster production time. meanwhile Abely professional sales team could suggest you the most hot selling standard bottles that have been widely recognized in the market, you have less risk on the market investment.

If what you need are very small quantities, then you will have to choose from a perfume packaging catalogue, and in this case there are not so many viable options. If the quantity reaches 20kpcs, Abely can arrange the order for normal bottle production. If the quantity is 10kpcs, we can arrange the scheduling first, then wait for other customers to make production together.  In this way, the delivery time may be longer, but it can be finished your perfume bottle and launch the brand finally. If the quantity is less than 10k pcs, then the delivery cost and import duty may be even higher than perfume bottles itself, it is better to purchase locally. Abely has abroad agents that can recommend you to take the special quantity and meet the requirements.

Whatever perfume project you have, Abely can help you make it, just contact now!

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