The success of a brand, except the product itself, its unique packaging and selling points is very important for stimulating customer’s desire also. So what preparations are needed for a attractive product? First of all, it will be a long production cycle,  from the pre-market research of the brand, the concept of product appearance, to the confirmation of product production. After that you have to consider the shipment and finishing.

As one-stop custom perfume packaging expert, Abely would like to share with you more details from design to production, information as reference:

There have two different cases for customized perfume bottle:

A. Production based on provided design. (customer has design already)
B. Production based on pending design. (customer has concept only)

  • 5-10 days: finalized the bottle design.
  • 40-45 days: finish new glass mould, test mould and produce physical plain glass samples;
  • 7-15 days: prepare samples with decorations, like smoky color coating, logo printing/stamping;
  • 5-7 days: send the pre-production samples for your final inspection;
  • 60-65 days: plain bottle mass production, normally the quantity is bigger, the plain glass production time will be faster;
  • 15-20 days: decoration.

According to the above specific process, launching of a new project requires at least 6 months of preparation. Sometimes, there are many uncertain factors, such as changing ideas, adjusting decorations, or uncontrollable production factors, which may lead to longer project cycles. Therefore, we have to prepare a project in advance exactly, to catch the scheduled delivery time. Otherwise, it will affect our marketing plan. Or have to consider the expensive air shipment at final, resulting in a substantial increase in costs. Here we have a customer case (it is a real story, we won’t share the customer exact info. since have signed Non-disclosure Agreement, that’s needed for privacy). may it will be helpfully for your preparations.

The story is of our American customer, on 18th Oct 2018, we started this project from a rough concept.

After many times of adjustments and tests, everything was confirmed since middle of Dec 2018, including design, quantity, price and noted the lead time.

After that, a long time of pending. We suggested to start the project in advance, as it will take around 4 months more to finish a custom project, from creating mold, confirmation of samples, to mass production. Sometimes may takes unexpected longer time if any accident. This project is for 2019 Xmas and the customer was so optimistic and believed never need to worry about production time.

In April 2019, we reminded him again that it is already the best time to start. However, we didn’t receive formally PO until then end of July, 2019. He emphasized how important it was to catch the Xmas, and asked us make everything ready at the end of October. That means there was only 3 months for creating molds and finishing production. We did understand how urgent the project was, and adjusted our production schedule to insert his order as priority.

At the end of August, we finalized the new molds and sent pre-production samples to customer for final checking. We got approval and started mass production at the beginning of September. As schedule, all the 80k pcs could be ready around the end of October.

At the middle of September, accident came! (we could remember clearly that it was 13th/Sep midnight). The customer called us urgently and pointed out he found problem of assembly between our products and other parts (standard items he purchased from other suppliers). We developed his custom molds based on the physical samples of other parts he provided at the most beginning. After checking, our engineer found there was big difference between his actual mass products and initial samples in dimension. The customer did not find the difference so that failed to inform us in advance. There was no other way but adjust molds as per the new samples customer provided again. On new samples delivery and mold adjustments, around 20 days past away.

In the second week of October, finally everything was confirmed again and started mass production. In the second week of November, 20k pcs were produced firstly for urgent need. However, the time was not enough to go for sea shipment. In order not delay the launch plan, the customer had to ship them by air. Luckily the new products were released as schedule, however, it costed around US$10,000 more in shipping cost.As a professional perfume manufacturer, we kindly remind all our customers and friends to make an earlier project plan. Let’s finish the entire perfume project with high standard and cost efficiency. Hope all of you achieve great brand success.

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