Firstly, you have to know it clearly that a complete set of perfumes includes bottle, cap, sprayer, box, etc. Each accessory must fit each other precisely, otherwise you may meet various of headache issues. Such as the matching between sprayer and cap, and that’s the major topic what we want to share with you today.

Above all, it is the first step of succeeds to choose the good sprayer. As the one-stop custom perfume packaging expert in China, Abely team has some recommendations for superior sprayers:

  1. APTAR:
  2. COSTAR:
  3. ALBEA:

Secondly, we should consider the coordination of the whole set of perfume products. For example, the matching between perfume bottle and cap, sprayer and bottle, sprayer and cap, and so on. Every accessory is cooperative and restricts each other. Including the diameter of the bottle, the height, the size of the sprayer, the parameters of the cap, and the tolerance of each accessory, etc. During the development of production, our experienced engineers will test each accessory to make sure the products meet our quality standard.

Generally speaking, perfumers buy the whole package from the same supplier, it is the easiest and safest way. But we also encounter some cases that some perfume manufacturers or traders prefer to purchase different parts from different suppliers. As you know, the error tolerances of production are different at different factories. it’s hard to match each suitably if without practice repeatedly. When it comes to this, we would share with you one of the story happened on our customer.

The French client inquired us to develop a new perfume project at the beginning. As a professional manufacturer of perfume private label, Abely provided him with a complete set of packaging solutions, including bottles, cap, sprayer, rigid box, etc,. One month later, he decided to produce perfume cap by us, and the other parts were assigned to different factories. Btw, he planned to purchase sprayer from Aptar, we confirmed him it was a good choice.

After the order was confirmed, we asked him to provide us physical samples of other parts ( bottle and sprayer), so that we could make the final coordination tests for whole set. Based on the testing result, we finalized the modification drawing of cap, also submitted the final drawing to the customer, which was approved by him immediately. After that we started mass production.

More than a month has passed, the customer asked all suppliers to send 20 sets of mass production samples for promotion purpose. The perfume bottle manufacturer sent 20 pcs of bottles to us so that we could help to send to customer together. However, after received the bottles, we were surprised to find that the neck of mass produced bottle was much different from the last sample that customer provided us. That’s risk! Immediately, our engineer did the necessary test between each part. Obviously, problem came out! The bottle height increased by 2mm than before, that caused the top of sprayer was touched and pressed the perfume cap directly. There was problem of leakage!!!

We reported this problem to customer the first time, he contacted the bottle factory but replied that all the bottles had been finished, there was no time to produce new, even produce new, it was hard to control the height of neck accurately. That was the problem! The customer was anxious. We comforted him: don’t worry, let’s try to find out a solution. Our experienced engineer checked the dimension of each parts, kept the bottle still, and made necessary modifications on cap and sprayers urgently and practiced repeatedly. Luckily, we found out the best solution: changing the height of the sprayer (Aptar not produced yet), at the same time, engraving the inner height of our cap deeper (thanks to the cooperation of our production dept. for priority in schedule).

Finally, The customer launched his perfume brand successfully. He was very satisfied with our service, and appreciated so much that we had helped him found and solved problem timely, it avoided great loss for him and his brand. From this case, its not hard to get that: you have to test and match each part repeatedly before mass production, to make sure details correct.

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