As the one-stop perfume packaging manufacturer in China, we have successfully designed unique molds for more than 80 large companies with luxury perfume brands. That meant most of our designs are customized and private label.

Therefore, some of customers maybe are worrying about the design copyright and if we will make their perfume bottle for other new customers as well. And how can ensure that their designs are kept strictly confidential as always.

There should not be a headache. When comes to a new project or new perfume packaging design, our team will sign the NDA(non disclosure agreement) with our esteemed customers, before going on everything. Obviously, that was quite a reassuring force for our customers. And if needed, we would help to apply the Design Patent Certificate from official certification authority.

So, if you are looking for a new design or planing to find a reliable supplier to start your perfume packaging, welcome to contact us now!

Will you make my bottle design for others? (图1)

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