A complete set of perfume packaging design includes perfume bottle, cap, sprayer, box and other accessories. Most of the professional packaging factories can provide omnibearing quality controlling and one-stop service that remove the customers various kinds of concerns, to help them expand the brand seamlessly.

There are different identities behind a perfume brand, including the brand owner, their agent or the perfume filling manufacturer. When they comes to develop a new brand. To get all packaging items, from A to Z, at the same supplier, or different factories, that is a question.

You will get your decisions as long as you get to know the characteristics of BOTH. How to say, details compared as below:

1. Time saving, efficient communication.

You just need to state all your requirements one time when purchasing. That would improve the efficiency and save time-cost greatly. After that you may can catch the launch plan timely, no worry about the trouble of delayed.

2. Accurate coordination of all accessories.

Definitely there have tolerance between each, but you can be at ease about the assembling, as all parts are made by one supplier who can control the tolerance well, the most important is that factory engineer would examine and test repeatedly to ensure each part could fit precisely.

3.Quality assurance & responsibility.

In case of any quality problem, if purchased from same supplier, you could complain and get effective solution timely. If from different manufacturers, then you might be caught in game of buck-passing. Different guys different voice, problems persisted and there have no unitive solution at final.

4. Saving of transportation cost.

After all good finished, factory will arrange to ship together in good time, who plays a positive role in saving transportation cost. If different manufacturers are inconsistent in the completion of products, resulting in partial delivery firstly, it will greatly increase your shipping cost. That have to be reconsider it!

Well, still vibrated between the two options? Obviously, you have your answer already.

So, come here. As an expert of one-stop perfume packaging supplier, Abely has a team of experienced designers inhouse, sophisticated supply chains, perfect quality inspection system, who can provide you professional and pre-sale, sale, after-sales service with efficient cost-efficiency and market-oriented.

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