Only the packaging of fashion items is exquisite and beautiful enough, just as our appearance, can they catch the eyes of consumers at a glance.  How the packaging is designed and what kind of materials are used actually reflect the attitude and position of a brand. In the perfume industry, perfume packaging includes perfume bottles, perfume covers, and outer packaging boxes. Consumers generally make decisions through packaging if there is no actual use of perfume before. When you decide to pack your perfume, what kind of materials should you choose to bring potential benefits to your business?

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You are at the right place because this article will reveal, from perfume bottles to secondary packaging, what kind of materials the perfume packaging industry tends to use.

Despite the revolutionary trend of packaging in the perfume and cosmetics industry, glass is still recognized as a good material for a wide range of products. Perfume bottles also use other packaging materials, such as tin, plastic, etc. With the growing proportion of environmental protection in consumer purchase decisions, 100% recycled and environmentally friendly glass perfume bottles once dominated perfume packaging. In fact, a glass perfume bottle can enter the store shelf in a short span of 30 days from the recycle bin.

If you want to buy a wholesale glass perfume bottle, you can rest assured that this perfume packaging material will meet your needs. Having a recyclable material will help you attract more consumers who are keen on health and environmental protection, while a bottle in white opal glass with disposal crimp neck will help you attract a group of customers who are keen on the niche and luxury lifestyle.

Glass is made of natural materials. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled glass as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). It is good at protecting the original characteristics of the product without any chemicals added.

As the ban on plastic has been introduced all over the world, plastic perfume bottles will gradually fade out of consumers’ sight because of their non-degradable, polluting environment and poor stability. In the next few years, the perfume packaging market will still focus on glass perfume bottles and is expected to an expansion trend.

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Perfume manufacturers are very aware of the shape of perfume bottles, materials, and designs playing a significant role in the sales of their products; they are willing to choose beautiful perfume bottles. In other words, these bottles are essential marketing tools that can promote sales. Therefore, before wholesale a glass perfume bottle, the perfume manufacturer must ensure that he has chosen a reliable perfume bottle manufacturer.

One of the best solutions for perfume packaging is to use Abely’s perfume packaging because they are highly personalized, fancy, and exotic. All these factors work together to improve the beauty and practicality of the product. Perfume packaging is an industry that develops over time. Taking into account the current concerns about health and environmental protection, some leading perfume bottle manufacturers use paperboard as the primary raw material for perfume packaging. Paperboard is a kind of green packaging with plant fiber and waste paper as raw materials through a special process. An essential feature of this revolutionary packaging is that it is biodegradable and will not cause any damage to the environment. Paperboard together with glass are pioneers in the perfume packaging industry.

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The wave of green packaging in the world has reached a white-hot stage encouraging a  large number of manufacturers from all walks of life to choose green packaging. Abely has been practicing this concept. Glass and paperboard have always been the first choice perfume packaging material of Abely to offer more surprises for customers in shape, size, and design. Abely also makes full use of another essential feature of paperboard – easy customization and improves printing technology to make perfume packaging more fashionable and avant-garde. Highly customized perfume packaging service can produce graphics or company logos according to customer’s requirements, making perfume packaging a unique artwork to attract many perfume brand audiences.

If you are looking for a custom perfume packaging service or want to wholesale glass perfume bottles, welcome to contact us.

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