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Perfume is becoming more and more popular in People’s Daily life. But there is a need to reinvent the packaging design to remain relevant in the market. As perfume packaging is undergoing significant changes, traditional techniques have to coexist with modern packaging designs to meet and catch the eyes of consumers. Here we will shed light on the top 3 trends of perfume packaging design that are sought-after among consumers. These trends can be applied to design impressive and unique perfume packaging. So without further ado, let’s get started!

channel perfume packaging

Top 3 Trends In Perfume Packaging


1. Use Glass Bottles

One of the latest trends in perfume packaging design is the bottle in which the perfume comes. If it looks rough and oddly shaped, it loses its appeal, and most customers will look past it. So, the packaging should be extraordinary enough to attract buyers and turn them into loyal permanent customers. Glass bottles for perfume packaging have gained popularity because they offer a lovely feel to the perfume hooking the customer in. Also, using glass as the perfume packaging has the following benefits:


  • Glass isdurable because it doesn’t erode or change in time.
  • Glass amplifies the beauty of perfumes with a transparent appearance.
  • Glass perfume bottles help retain the fragrance with a good seal.
  • Glass, one of the most sustainable materials, can be recycled and reused to make a masterpiece.


2. Use Eco-Friendly Caps

With the increasing carbon footprint in the world, customers tend to prefer something eco-friendly. The same is valid for perfume packaging. They are prone to be attracted to a perfume cap with beautiful designs and eco-friendliness. It serves as a reminder that perfume brands should use eco-friendly caps in packaging design.

3. Use Customized Perfume Packaging Design

With all the innovations, the perfume bottle comes in beautiful shapes and sizes with eco-friendly caps, but the work is just beginning. Customized perfume packaging with a unique logo, ingenious color combinations, and attractive slogans proves an effective marketing strategy. An upward trend appears that consumers are likely to endorse perfume packaging with a design full of particular connotations. And using custom perfume bottles coupled with a bespoke perfume box and cap is expected to attract consumers and make perfume companies stand out among other counterparts.

custom perfume bottles


Factors That Facilitate These Changes in Perfume Packaging Design

  • Increasing Demand for Perfume.In 2021, the global perfume market was valued at USD 30.6 billion, projected to grow to USD 43.2 billion in 2028, which shows great demand for perfume. As a part of perfume, the challenge perfume packaging design faces is understandable: to satisfy consumers’ different needs.


  • Fierce Competition in the Perfume Industry. Despite the great demand for perfume, the perfume market is mainly dominated by giant perfume brands, such as Versace, GUCCI, and Chanel. The fierce competition in the perfume market motivates brands to innovate and design their packaging, such as adopting eco-friendly caps and customized perfume bottles. Once their unique design proves valid and successful, other rivals will follow the move, further forming the trend of perfume packaging.


  • Environmental Consciousness. Not only do consumers recognize the importance of environmental protection, but also countries around the world. For instance, India has banned single-use plastic packaging from solving serious plastic pollution. This may sneak a peek at the application of green and sustainable perfume packaging.


Choose Abely to Realize Trendy Perfume Packaging Design

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Here’s what we can offer:

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