With time goes on, perfume has been playing a more and more important and irreplaceable role in our daily life, just like the unique dressing to make our normal life fills with taste and sense of mystery.

Most of the consumers are willing to pay for an expensive perfume as long as they love it. But it’s do a embarrass that sometimes the consumer constantly press the sprayer for several times but perfume fails to come out, still more than half bottle of perfume left in. And sometimes, the consumer opens a perfume cap with great expectation but disappointed to find that the perfume liquid dropping out from cap and sprayer even he or she has not pressed the sprayer yet. Inevitably, the consumer will has grievance and complaint completely. He or she will think the perfume which paid highly is in very bad quality, even the brand is not good. The consumer’s experience is defined by other consumers as well as the brand or company, and that consumer has a megaphone through social media. If this problem can not be solved properly, it will not only ruin the selling channel established but also bring bad effects to the perfume brand of the enterprise. So that you have to pay super cautiousness on this point if you are making perfume business or want to develop a new perfume project.

How to say? It seems perfectly, you aimed to create a luxury perfume brand or new launch, all the materials are selected, all details has been repeated checked and confirmed before production. However, there often tends to be some small accidents happening on actual operation, like the perfume cap, perfume bottle and sprayer could not match each other perfectly, which lead to the design failure of the whole perfume project, the all work you did may be in vain. Therefore, you have to reproduce all or at least part of them. It is much costly and would interfere with your plans or launch time has to be delayed at least.

So what should you do to avoid encountering above problem? Any better solution in case of this kind of problem happened?

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