Normally the Metallizing includes: Standard Metallizing, Vacuum Metalizing and Galvanic Plating. So what’s the difference between them?

Standard Metallizing refers to the containing salts in the solution, in the process of the metallized by metal plating substrate as cathode, through electrolysis, the advance in the plating solution of metallized cation in the substrate metal surface deposition, using electrolysis to make a layer of metal film adhered on the surface of the parts process, to prevent the oxidation of the metal, improve the wear resistance and electric conductivity, reflective, corrosion resistance and improve aesthetics, and so on. The cost is lower than that of galvanic plating, and it is widely used in surface treatment of perfume bottle on middle market.

The difference between metallizing, vacuum metalizing and galvanic plating.(图1)

Galvanic plating process is to mix the agent into an aqueous solution, and in the plating bath with dc anode and cathode, on the electricity for electroplating.Water plating coating thickness can be relatively thick, the thickness of vacuum plating is not so high as galvanic plating, the surface color variation of vacuum plating is greater than galvanic plating, you can adjust any colors. If the product is to be brushed (ancient series), generally only galvanic plating can meet the requirements, vacuum plating is too thin to do this effect.

Vacuum Metalizinga physical deposition phenomenon which is to put the products placed in a vacuum container, put inside a vacuum, and then by the corresponding electricity electricity put it into a metal target material ions in the form of a uniform coverage on the surface of the product form is called vacuum plating, generally it can be divided into metal and nonmetal, if it is a nonmetal, it has to make surface with coating, after that, spray a layer of conductive aluminum membrane vacuum plating.

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The difference between metallizing, vacuum metalizing and galvanic plating.(图2)

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