Nowadays, more and more perfume bottles are in need of a surface treatment. And the beautification treatment of a lot of glass perfume bottle cannot without screen printing technology. There have two options: Standard Silk Print vs High Temperature Silk Print.

These two kinds of glass screen printing technology, are needed through the screen, ink jet, curing process to achieve the final finishing.

In the process of glass silk-screen printing, which kind of glass silk-screen printing technology should be considered according to the characteristics of glass products and the requirements of glass technology.

Generally speaking, high temperature screen printing glass products have higher requirements for screen printing patterns, while low temperature screen printing technology is used in the case of glass process requirements are not particularly high.

High temperature screen printing requires special high temperature ink. After the glass polished, high temperature screen printing can be carried out. After the screen printing, it needs to be tempered immediately, otherwise the ink will fall off easily and the toughened ink will not fall off.

Standard temperature silk-printing is done after the glass has been tempered. Standard temperature ink is used for silk-printing. Curing agent should be added into the ink and then dried.

Finally, the main difference between high temperature and standard temperature silk-screen is that high temperature silk-screen has the advantages of weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance is relatively strong.

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