To serve high-end market better products, Abely uphold strict Europe quality standard, below the regular production steps on how to make high quality colored bottle:

Glass Perfume bottle: plain bottle producing – hand polishing – surface cleaning – color laquering (any custom color) – sealing oil film coating (to protect color longer time) – staying in high temperature furnace (to fix the color) – quality inspection on color – the base silkscreen printing for logo – the second gold foil stamping on printing (two times to make the logo show vivid 3D effect) – quality inspection on logo – alcohol testing on color and logo – quality inspection totally – packing separately.

Zamac Perfume Cap: plain cap producing- polishing – quality inspection – electroplating (thicker electroplating film) – quality inspection- sealing oil film coating – assembling PP insert – alcohol&pulling&adhesive testing- quality inspection totally – packing separately.

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