An ordinary glass perfume bottle definitely fails to give full play to its greatest value in marketing or aesthetics to attract its potential buyers/consumers or expand the brand influence. Therefore, many perfumers and perfume bottle manufacturers will give their products artistic value through perfume bottle printing technology, making them worthy of collection or value for money.

Perfume bottle prints are used to increase the enchantment of the perfume bottle as well as it carries the label of the perfume brands. As people in the modern world are brand conscious; therefore, perfume bottle prints act as a representative of a particular brand.

perfume bottles wholesalePerfume Bottle Printing Technology

Perfume bottle printing technology is the way through which perfume bottles are printed. There are different technologies or ways used to obtain perfume bottle prints depending upon the type of printing, whether silk printing or hot stamping. Silk printing makes use of ink which is transferred to the substrate (glass, plastic, etc.). While hot stamping is a technology that does printing without ink. The text or the image is printed on the substrate at a specific temperature and pressure through a stamping machine.

Silk Screen Printing:

Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is a hole printing method where a stenciled image is transferred onto a flat surface using ink and a mesh screen. Previously, it was used to print fabrics and plastics, but it is also used to print wood and glasses. The basic method of silk screen printing involves producing a stencil on a fine mesh or screen and then forcing ink through it to create the desired image on the surface that you need to have printed on. Perfume bottle prints can also be created through this method. Following are the basic steps of silk screen printing:

  1. Creation of desired design that you need on the wholesale glass perfume bottle;
  2. Preparation mesh screen;
  3. Creation of stencil through emulsion;
  4. Preparation of perfume bottle surface;
  5. Pressing of ink through the screen onto the wholesale glass perfume bottle.
  6. Finalizing in 140°C to 160°C temperature oven, this process is to make sure the Durableof printing

perfume bottles wholesale

By following these simple steps, perfume bottle prints can be created.

Advantages and disadvantages of silk screen printing:

● High image quality.

● Durable due to heavy ink coverage and flexible combination of coatings and additives to ink.

● Adaptable to a wide range of substrate materials including glass, wood, plastic, fabrics, etc.

● It is very economical for large quantities of perfume bottle printing.

● Rich colors are available for screen printing, such as red, white, blue, yellow, green, black, and so on.

● Silkscreen printing lacks the high shine that of the foil for that it creates a matte or flat image of the design.

● It costs a lot in small quantities of perfume bottle printing.

Hot stamping technique of perfume bottle prints:

Hot Stamping, also known as foil stamping, is a process of printing that transfers pre-dried ink or metal foils onto a surface through the use of stamping dies or heated image molds. The basic method involves hot stamping to obtain a perfume bottle printed through the heating of the engraved mold or die through a hot stamping machine. The stamping machine then presses the marking foil onto the surface to obtain perfume bottle prints. The foil can be deposited only where the product material and hot stamp come in contact.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hot stamping technique of creating perfume bottle prints:

● Luxury metallic texture with glossy images

● An environmental-friendly process of creating perfume bottle prints.

● Imparts a look of richness, high quality, and elegance to the product.

● Processes the ability to print fine detail.

● Limited color variety, only gold, and silver.

● High cost.

● Generally limited to stamping on flat surfaces.

perfume bottles wholesale

Silk screening vs. Hot Stamping:

Both these bottle printing techniques are widely used to print different surfaces. Similarly, they are both applicable in the creation of perfume bottle prints as well. Both have their pros and cons, which are mentioned above. Silk screening offers a wide range of colors while hot stamping has a limited variety of colors, only silver or gold. Moreover, the cost of hot stamping is double compared to the cost of the silk-screening technique.

Hot stamping can print any surface while silk screening can print a limited variety of surfaces. The perfume bottle patterns by silk screen printing have a sense of layering and touch than that of hot stamping because its ink layer is relatively thicker.

Perfume bottle prints are important as it imparts different colors and designs to perfume bottles. Besides, it is accessible to custom perfume glass bottles for product differentiation. If you have the need for customizing perfume bottles, it will be beneficial to go for the leading perfume bottle design companies such as Abely. Abely is good at providing a one-stop service of perfume packaging with affordable and amazing solutions.

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