You provide concepts or initial design, Abely engineers will adjust and perfect the design to make sure it both esthetic and practical. Open channels of communication are important during the development of the packaging. It is a process of collaborative that requires input from both sides to achieve the right look as well as being producible. It is also important that your custom glass bottle is engineered such that it is not prone to any wall-thickness deficiencies, or stress concentrations. Generally, the design-sketch will be ready within 5 days with the brief of 2 to 3 different options, then finalize the final design together with you.

Upon approval of the design-sketch, they are able to prepare physical 3D sample (will share the details next), further to check the design in overview, then transpose this design into a final technical drawing. The drawing will be reverted back to you. Only after all is approved by you, it will be submitted to production dept. progress to making a sample-mould or full set of production moulds. In the event that you have identified an unique perfume bottles that you like its look, from the inspiration point you given, Abely can help you create a bran-new side, navigate towards a design that sufficiently deviates from an existing design to circumvent any possible IP infringement.

Are you ready to custom your own new design? Come here! As the leading company of perfume packaging supplier, our in-house design team will support you with comprehensive advice; the knowledge of the market and of what the final consumer wants, from the brief to the proposals in 3D rendering, advising the you on the solutions best to meet your expectation. So just contact us to get free consultation now!

Once your perfume bottle idea has been defined, what is the first step?(图1)

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