We often hear from some customers: they had problem with existing perfume packaging (glass bottle, perfume cap, perfume box, etc,.) supplier, and wanted to take the mold for new supplier to arrange production. Meanwhile, they are worrying about that if the mould can be worked well after removing.

As the one-stop perfume packaging supplier in China, we would like to take this chance to share some of our experience.

Because some of the molds are semi-finished product which must work together with fixed machine and match precisely. If to match the mold with another machine, due to the accuracy differences between machines, then may meet problems even could not work.

And one more points, different factories different technology and master, that’s meant not ensure they can use the machine for the same. 

Last but not least, pls take the possible damaged during transportation into consideration as well.

Therefore, we would suggest you better not remove the mould since it will be the risk. If you meet some problems with your existing perfume bottle manufacturer, you can be feel freely discuss with us, we have experienced designer and engineer team here to help solve out your headache.

As always, we strive to provide our customers full set perfume packaging solutions with the distinctive and cost-effective way. Our team is here all the time, contact us to get free consultation now!

 If I provide the mould(from other suppliers), can you arrange production?(图1)

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