The two ways to custom perfume bottles are CUSTOMIZED DECORATION and BESPOKE DESIGN by creating private molds which cost much higher. While custom decoration is the general name of a series of surface treatments that give plain glass bottle an outclass look in personalized aesthetic. Today we’d love to share you something about hand polishing.

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How to Polish Glass Perfume Bottle in Various Ways?

Polishing treatment is different from other decorations which make bottles in obviously visible changes. The polishing of the glass perfume bottle includes various techniques, whereas all of the techniques behind making one stands out from another. And using different techniques, the bottle quality would be difference as well.

There are three different methods to polish glass perfume bottles, e.g., fire polishing, powder polishing, and acid polishing. While hand polishing improves the glass quality in an invariable way that you might not have noticed the changes in the first place, but you could feel it and touch it and be surprised to find the polished glass has turned to be glossy as crystal.

You may wonder how to polish glass perfume bottles? Or, more specifically, how to polish glass perfume bottles in various ways? Here we will discuss the three different methods in detail.

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  • Fire Polishing: Inthis method, we will use fire to soften the glass’ surface and further to reduce the scratches, grain lines, and dots on of bottles, however, there would be some scratches / grains residue on the surface of glass.

In perfume bottle manufacturing, the glass perfume bottle remains rough after cutting. Thus, the fire polishing method helps polish and reduce grain lines to deliver a smooth surface. But with this method, you can’t altogether remove the lines with fire. Thus it can’t meet the high-end standard.

  • Acid polishing: The second method to polish glass is through acid. However, the acid helps to reduce thickness and remove grains on the glass. But the process could change according to glass type and material quality.

In acid polishing, it is hard to control the smoothness. Thus, we use the corrosive effect of the acid only to remove glass’ scratches and lines. If you are not working with professional assistance, the damages to the corner angles of the perfume bottle may exist.

Note: Acid polishing is extremely dangerous, so you shouldn’t use this without a professional assistance. Thus, it is preferred if you can hire a professional perfume bottle manufacturer for this.

  • Powder/hand polishing: We use the powder to remove lines and scratches from the bottle in this method. Below are the materials that are commonly used in polishing powder:
  1. Cerium Oxide (VK-CE01)
  2. Aluminum Oxide (VK-L30F)
  3. Silicon Oxide (VK-SP30F)
  4. Iron Oxide, Zirconia (VK-R30F)

After the powder sprinkle, you will have to polish the bottle at high speed to get the required result. We divide this type of polishing method into two steps: sanding and polishing.

Hand polishing is the best method for removing scratches and bringing back the glass’s reflective effect. But before polish the glass, we should ensure that these parts of the glass to be polished are sanded. After that, we will use tools like a diamond grinding disc, wool wheel, and cerium oxide for polishing.

This method could totally remove the joint lines and scratches, make the surface of glass neat and smooth so that hand polishing is the most popular solution among all, and be favored by high-end brands.

The Process to Hand Polish Glass Perfume Bottle

How to polish glass by hand? We will display the hand polishing process in detail.

  1. Cleaning: The Preparatory Work

Firstly, close the bottle neck with stopper to avoid dirty getting inside, then prepare the glass material to be polished by surrounding it with tape. It helps to avoid stains and keeps everything clean and in proper order. Then, use the marker to identify the spots to be polished to avoid shifting of the position.

  1. Rough Polishing: To Remove Physical Defects

In the second step, we start glass polishing with a radial polisher and abrasive disk. This step will continue until you remove physical defects. But ensure that the bottle isn’t overheated during the process.

  1. Fine Polishing: The Smoothness is Further Improved

The final step is fine polishing. Here, you will use the abrasive paste as per your requirement. You can dilute it with water by using the ratio of 1:1. But ensure that the polishing dilution ratio shouldn’t be more than 1:5.

PS: Any interest in hand polishing process, please contact us, we could share you video of actual hand polishing.

There are many other tools and processes that you can adopt to polish glass. Thus, it depends on the perfume bottle manufacturer who is an expert in all these. If you want to find the best perfume bottle wholesale for your custom perfume bottle project, we are glad to support you here.

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