“Never waste a good crisis” said by Churchill. Exactly, accompanying every crisis is a revolution in technology that serves as an engine for economic development.

“The whole world has changed dramatically in the last three months”, and this outbreak has spread to almost every country in the world. But many governments reacted quickly to a massive economic rescue package. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes that if the outbreak in the second half of this year can be widely controlled, people’s lives return to normal. Because of the consumers “revenge” consumer psychology, the economy will usher in a strong recovery. That is what we often said: in every crisis, there are hidden opportunities, the greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity! No one could have imagined that masks would be the best seller of 2020, and that was the opportunity in crisis. Similarly, whoever grabs the first peak of consumption after the outbreak will succeed. And during the outbreak, it’s our best time to prepare.

The success of a project depends on whether there is enough time to be fully prepared in the early stages mostly. For example, the development of a new perfume products, from the pre-package and fragrance selection, to the final confirmation of production, generally takes 3 to 5 months. If it is a custom exclusive perfume glass bottle, it is necessary to develop a private mold, from the final design, test improvement, to the completion of production, the entire process usually takes 6 months or more. Just get details from the article of perfume package production time.

That is to say, if you are now carrying out a new project in early May, hopefully you can get pre-production samples around June to July. At this time, please play as much as possible to prepare your online promotion and social media publicity will let you get unexpected success. Around September to December, when people are coming out of their homes, the global economy is at its most active, market demand will reach a new peak, and your new fragrance is ready to go on the market.

So if you have any new perfume projects, please seize the best time now. As the specialist of custom perfume packaging, Abely is happy to offer free consultation and discuss marketing plans with you during these difficult times.

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