Perfume Bottle Color coating: it disperses the suspension of water or oil from the colored glaze powder into very fine particles and sprays them on the surface of the glass bottle in the form of mist.

And it is the cost-effective ways and are applied widely. Various of colors and different coating methods (partial coating, solid coating, gradient coating, transparent coating, etc) that perfumers could choose a customized color freely in flexible color lacquering way.

So how to spray color on perfume bottle? Normally there have 6 steps in total. 

1. First step – pretreatment

The treatment section of glass bottle before coating includes pre-stripping, main stripping, adjustment, etc.

2. Preheating

Normally, the preheating section takes 8 ~ 10 minutes. It’d better make the sprayed workpiece have some residual heat when arriving at the powder spraying chamber, so as to increase the adhesion of the powder on glass bottle.

3. Dust blowing purification

If you requested high quality on bottle decoration, this section is essential. Otherwise, if there have a lot of dust adsorbed on the bottle surface after processing, it will be the disaster on finishing.

4. Dusting

The most critical part of this section is the technology of the dusting master, normally it requires more than 2 years of work experience for guidance and operation, especially the allocation of materials and time control. If carelessly, then he needs to start again, while takes longer time and costly as well.

5. Drying

This section should pay attention to the temperature and baking time, normally it’s using 180 ~ 200 degrees for drying the color powder.


After finished above process, the final step is the packing. At this stage, it should be noted that packaging can only be arranged after the residual heat of the bottle has disappeared. Generally speaking, we can pack the goods in 2-3 hours after spraying.

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