Brands values are regarded as more and more important in the market. Many perfumers go out of their ways to highlight their brands. Bottles decorations function a lot at this very moment. Various decoration technics can be done on the bottles now. Every perfume bottle decoration has its position and requirements. It is very critical to know how to choose the decoration corresponding to your brand. There are some tips for you.

Color coating, hot stamping and logo silk screen printing are cost-effective ways and are applied widely. Various of colors and different coating methods (partial coating, solid coating, gradient coating, transparent coating, etc) that perfumers could choose a customized color freely in flexible color lacquering way.While the printing is much favorable for less quantity and mass market. 5000pcs can be fine. It will be a good choice for the mid-and-low-end market or design with concise style. If you are a new starter currently in tight budget, it can help you a lot.

Hand-polishing is a kind of elaborate surface treatment, that makes the glass bottle as transparent as crystal, as smooth as silk. Polishing glass bottle by hand is the most direct and visible way to improve the bottle quality. It can make the bottle in mid-high end quality and can be a necessary way for the luxury niche brand. Certainly, it has some requirements of the bottle shape and the simple butgorgeous type will be more appropriate to do the polishing. One favorable point, 5000pcs can be done.

Metalizing makes an glassbottle possible to reproduce the appearance of metal or to give coloured coatings a metallic finish. Very shiny like a mirror and attractive. Regularly, 10000pcs for each It can present your bottle in royal designs and mostly comply with the mid-east market trend. Metalizing is a perfect choice for these brand of resplendent and magnificent lifestyle with abundant budget.

Decal and water transfer can be suited to make the intricate icons, images and graphicson the bottle. which cannot be achieved through normal printing. So they will make your bottle stay in a very special way and not easy to be imitated. Decal and water transfer can coordinate with those who want to challenge and innovate to obtain a unique design. But They are more expensive accordingly and the quantity requirements will be larger, and needs 20000 pcs to start. Those experienced experts from strong brands prefer to choose them since they need a stable consume group and a definite marketing plan.

Rubber coating and flocking can bring a good sense of visual and touch to people, which can embody a strong unique features of your perfume. They fit for the niche brands and consumers who value much the feeling of experience. Similar to regular color coating, rubber coating and flocking could be made in various of personalized colors, but different to regular color coating, the rubber coating gives a feeling of soft touching when flocking gives a velvet touching. They are the upgrade of color coating.They contribute to maintain the products low-key gorgeous and exquisite and can make a controllable cost budget. Normally, 10000pcs can be started.

Crackle Effect is a new decoration, a unique spray that allows the secondary spray to expand during curing. It can be created in any colour and every product is completely individual – No two products are ever the same. A truly stunning decoration technique. Suitable for the niche brand design and unique bottle shape. Also, a higher requirement for the budget and quantity to start. Generally, 20000pcs for this method.

More decoration details:

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