When it comes to glass perfume bottle production, the initial step is to create new glass mould. There have two key processes during the production mould: the creation of sample mould and mass production moulds.

A finalized glass bottle is usually equipped with 5 glass moulds. 4 of them are used for mass production at the same time while the last 1 for loss reserve. To creating 5 moulds at the first beginning is time-costly. What’s more, if the customer is not satisfied with initial sample and intend to change somewhere even tiny details on bottle design, that means all the 5 moulds should have to be modified, the time and cost are almost equal to creating new. So it is necessary to develop custom glass mould into two phases.

First step, creating a sample mould only, which can be used as customer’s bottle-development process. It is a cost effective way for you to review the design and make adjustments before committing to full production. If the design meets some small technical issues, manufacturer can adjust the mould slightly, including the size of logo, chamfer the edges, etc,. A sample mould is only good for about 10-15 sample pieces.

Second step, after the sample mould is modified to the perfect, then formal production moulds will be developed accordingly. Generally speaking, once the production moulds are finished, no further modifications can be made. Normally the service life of a set of glass mould is to produce around 500,000 pieces of bottle. According to the frequency of use and the degree of die loss, the actual service life will be different. After that, it has to create the another new mould for further production.

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