To be a success perfume brand, fragrance is the soul, while the attractive design plays a critical role of consumer’s needs also.

Perfume designs come from various kinds of creative ideas for each part. When custom design is too cost and long procedure to start, customized private plate/sticker is a good choice strategically make standard bottle looks different.

Today we gonna talk about how to decorate your perfume bottles with metal plate.

Firstly, we have to know that the raw materials are various, the most common and popular used in perfume line are Aluminum, Stainless (steel), Zamac (Zinc alloy), etc,.

After that, we consider about the cost of each option, below is the details for your reference.

1. Aluminum plate: Private label, logo customized, popular price, fast delivery time(7-15days), Easy assembly, which is suitable for simple perfume bottle design. Or if your position is mass market, then can consider make it.

2. Stainless steel plate: logo design available, price is moderate, faster delivery time(15-20days), convenient assembly, compared with aluminum, steel is harder, thicker and more texture. For enhancing NICHE brand or occupying the middle-to-high-end market, maybe that’s what you’re really missing – an amazing steel plate!

3. Zamac (Zinc alloy) plate: logo design available, cost valuable, longer delivery time(20-25days) and strict assembly as it requested bottle with groove normally, but it’s the most upscale embellishment. You can find it in high market distinctly( Amouage perfume as representative) .  And it’s popular with consumers from Middle East also, which is the symbol of royal especially.

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