Normally the plain glass perfume bottle without any decorations is acceptable by our customers, since we selected the superior raw material on glass production, it called White opal glass. While there have some customers are looking the more upscale glass as well, then we would strongly suggest to consider one of the popular perfume bottle decorations: polishing.

There have two options for polished, one is manual polishing, another is fire polishing.

Polishing is the process of using physical, mechanical or chemical agents to reduce the surface roughness of an object. So based on this process, the polished glass bottle has a smooth and reflective surface, the effect is transparent as crystal. At this stage, you might be curious about what’s the difference when comes to talk about the hand polished and fire polished.

Hand polishing:

Hand polishing is a kind of traditional manual polishing. It uses polishing powder to rub on the glass surface at high speed to remove scratches, sassafras, etc., which can greatly improve the transparency and refraction of the glass. Polishing glass bottle by hand is the most direct and visible way to improve the bottle quality. It can handle some unique shape or diamond cut bottles very well, since it is manual process, most of the sides can be improved.

Because of manual polishing, the strength of each worker is different, and the quality of the polished bottle maybe inconsistent slightly. There has high technical requirements for hand polishing workers. Normally it requested worker with 2-3 years experience. Compared with fire polishing, the cost of hand polishing will be higher and the productivity will be lower. However, if you are the new in perfume line, then just consider it, as it supported 5,000pcs per design.

Fire polishing:

Fire polishing is to use the flame to soften the glass bottle surface and the impact of the firepower on the glass. Most worthy of mention is friendly cost and consistent quality. While pls notice that some small bottle surfaces will not be improved perfectly due to the automatic machine production is roughly and simply. Therefore, the requested on glass bottle is the simple shape normally, and without plenty of diamond surfaces. Also, the MOQ is 30,000pcs per design.


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