Most of our customers are applying for samples before making orders. And they are curious about that why some samples are avaliable, while others are not ready to get it.

Generally speaking, there have two suitations:

Standard bottle design:

A. It’s ready mould, samples are avaliable for quality evaluation.

B. Sample time: plain bottle takes 2-3days, if make it with any decoration, like logo print, color coating, etc,. takes 7-10days.

New design:

A. Mould not ready, which has to create new one. Then we have to wait till mould ready.

B. Sample time: appr. 35days for mould creation, 15days for testing and making samples.

More details, pls feel free to contact us, to get free avaliable perfume packaging samples to start your private label perfume line.

Can I get samples for confirmation? (图1)

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