When our customers place a purchase order, they have to think about everything well in advance, such as the good cost, shipping cost, important duty, sales season, promotion and etc.. Among them, it is very important to know the shipping way clearly to control the total cost.

Our business is full set perfume packaging, including glass perfume bottleperfume coverperfume boxperfume plate and accessories. Today, we are glad to share you something related to sea shipment. 

Dry containers commonly used internationally are:

20GP: content volume is 5.92 X2.34 X2.34 meters, distribution gross weight is generally 17.5 tons, volume is 26-28 cubic meters.

40GP: content volume is 12.04s X2.34X2.34 meters, The gross weight of the distribution is 22 tons, and the volume is 56-58 cubic meters.

40HQ: the internal volume is 12.04 X 2.34 X 2.70 meters. The gross weight of the distribution is generally 22 tons and the volume is 68 cubic meters.

Container cargo transfer mode:

Generally speaking, the container transportation is divided into full container and LCL, and therefore has also been on the transfer of different ways, look at the current international practice, to the following four categories to FCL, FCL pick the best, can also give full play to the superiority of the container.

  • FCL/FCLThe shipper delivers the full container to the carrier at the factory or warehouse, and the receiver takes the same FCL at the destination. In other words, the carrier persons are responsible for handover in units of whole boxes. The packing and unpacking of the goods are the responsibility of the shipper.
  • LCL/LCL: The cargo owner delivers the small ticket consignment less than the whole container to the carrier at the container freight station or inland transfer station, and the carrier is responsible for the consolidation and packing (Stuffing, Vanning) is transported to the destination cargo station or inland transfer station, and the carrier is responsible for unpacking (Unstuffing, Devantting). After unpacking, the consignee picks up the goods against the voucher. The packing and unpacking of the goods are the responsibility of the carrier.


Warmly reminder: A 20GP container is 28m³ but that no means you could load bottles of total dimension absolutely 28m³ in. Since glass is fragile, all the bottles must be packed on pallets before shipment. Pls take the extra adding dimension and wasted space into consideration.

For you to make your plan easier, here we prepare a form for you:



Content Volume


Total Volume


Gross Weight

( tons)

30-50ml Bottle


Pallets Quantity


100ml Bottle


Pallets Quantity


20GP5.92 X2.34 X2.3426-2817.530K-50K1030K-40K10
40GP12.04s X2.34X2.34 56-582260K-80K1650K-60K16
40HQ12.04 × 2.34 × 2.70682260K-80K1650K-60K16

The delivery time are differ from countries. For more information, just feel free to contact us. We are open to discuss with us. As the perfume packaging supplier, we specialized in providing high quality perfume packaging with one-stop solution, developing and manufacturing according to the client perfume brand identity. And we glad to become your personal advisor.

Approximately how many glass bottles would fit in 20GP/40GP/40HQ?(图1)

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