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On November 27th 2019, the annual “Russian Fragrance Awards”, 2019 of the year perfume award were announced at a ceremony was held at Turandot Palace.


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The “FiFi® Russian Fragrance Awards” is one of the largest annual event in the perfumery world, bringing together representatives of the largest brands and distribution companies.


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Winners of the Fragrance of the Year - FiFi® Russian Fragrance Awards 2019 included: Tiziana Terenzi, Nishane, Etat Libre d'Orange, Parfums Dusita, etc,. 


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They enjoy everyone's favor and love with their unique fragrance, while they have own fascinating stories. It has to mention that their designs are also very extraordinary and memorable, which may also greatly helpful for their chances of winning. Thus it can be shown that not only famous brands have the opportunity to get awards, but also the new brands have equal right. As long as your fragrance is charming enough, your bottle design is innovative enough, your packing is attractive enough, you will be favored by people, you have chance to win the prize, leading the fashion and becoming the industry leader, like above Niche brands are the stand-out model for success.  


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A good perfume packaging should match the fragrance characteristics perfectly, should be the most gorgeous coat of fragrance, like Cinderella’s crystal shoes. What’s more, it could be developed as the symbol of brand image. No need to smell the scent, when people find your bottle from far away, people will be surprised and say “oh, it is XX perfume, it is the best perfume in the world, I love it”!


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