Many perfumers have been wondering what is the most effective method in custom perfume cap and shoulder? Often, standard metallization and galvanization are defined as the most common. In this article, we will talk about the detail of standard metallization and galvanization, including their features, steps, and differences.

What is Standard Metallization?


Standard metallization, also known as UV coating, is a physical deposition step. The process of standard metallization is described as follows:

Surface Treatment → Base Coating → Film Plating → Surface Coating → Painting

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What is Galvanization?


Galvanization is an oxidation-reduction reaction process that mixes the agent into an aqueous solution. The plated part is immersed in the metal salt solution as the cathode and the metal plate as the anode. After connecting the DC power supply, the required coating is deposited on the plated part. The process of galvanization can be described as follows:

Degreasing → Coarsening → Neutralizing reduction/ immersion → Activation → Dispergation → Electroplating → Nickel electroplating → Chromium electroplating

Standard Metallization Vs. Galvanization

Standard metallization and galvanization offer varying properties for custom perfume packaging, and picking one amongst the two can be difficult. Let’s discuss the difference between them in greater detail to provide you with a holistic perspective.

1. Metallic Texture

Galvanization has a greater metallic texture than standard metallization, creating an excellent gloss sensation. Yet, it cannot cover the molding line of the material in that the coating film is thinner. Meanwhile, standard metallization offers a relatively low metallic texture, but it can cover the molding line of the material.

2. Corrosion Resistance

The color of galvanization-made product will never fade, even if it contacts with perfume. Compared with galvanization, the colors that standard metallization produces tend to fade after long-time use, which is a normal phenomenon.

There is worth noticing that plastic perfume shoulder will have the risk of cracking due to the different concentrations of perfume, which is an important factor for the high-end brands to consider.

3. Budget

Due to the high-end features of galvanization, it has become a hot choice among perfumers. However, it is expensive than standard metallization. Standard metallization is more practical for perfumers. There is worth noticing that different parts in perfume packaging can adopt different methods to receive the optimum result. Sophisticated perfume bottle manufacturer knows it and uses different custom perfume packaging interchangeably to meet your demand.


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