Around every holiday time, we often hear the question from our customer: why freight is so expensive before holidays, no matter the sea shipment or air shipment?

It will be a big headache when cost is ruinously expensive, today we would like discuss with you something about the shipment.

Generally speaking, there have two representative holidays will affect the shipment cost, one is Christmas, another is CNY(Chinese New Year). The shipping cost is double than standard when these two holidays are coming.

There have some reasons on that:

  1. Workers time shorter hours, efficiency decline
  2. Container and routes reducing
  3. Tow-truck drivers reducingas, most of them back home for holidays in advance, no work for while
  4. Local charges rose like a flood

So we have to make plan in advance, at least one month in advance, to avoid the expensive freight costs and rushed schedule.

Of course, there are other reasons as well, welcome to contact us to get more details, we are very pleased to slove out your headaches and provide you one-stop perfume bottle packaging solution.

Why freight is costly before holidays?(图1)

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