Adding the brand’s logo and Fragrance name onto a perfume bottle is the most basic and indivisible part of perfume packaging. There are different solutions to add the name, including Regular Silkscreen Printing, Hot stamping, extra logo sticker and etc.

This article is mainly to share you the characters of Real Gold Printing and Gold Hot Stamping, which are the most popular selection among high-end brands.

1. Real gold printing, it is called High temperature gold printing, which is silk-screened on the bottle using a special ink (gold cream). Then bake at high temperature (600°C~620°C) to make the gold cream completed blended into glass, the logo tends to be shiny and integrated into the glass surface, also known as silk-screened real gold. This decoration is very luxury and expensive because the raw material is real 24K gold.

2. Gold Hot Stamping, Using the principle of hot pressure transfer (200°C~220°C), the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum is transferred to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect, and then baked (140°C~150°C), Let the ink dry firmly. Because the main material used in hot stamping is anodized aluminum foil, hot stamping is also called gold foil hot stamping.

3.The following only discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each process in terms of glass bottles:

A. Advantages:The real gold process has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Due to the high temperature baking, part of the real gold has been integrated into the glass, so the adhesion of the real gold process is first-class, even if it is scraped with a knife, it cannot be scraped off.

Disadvantages:The special ink of the real gold process is made of gold, and the cost is quite high. And because there will be high temperature baking, the requirements for the bottle shape are higher. (The thickness of the bottom of the bottle, whether the bottle shape is symmetrical)

B. Advantages:The gold hot stamping process is mainly used to transfer the aluminum foil paper on the silk screen by hot pressing. It is characterized by low cost and low requirements for bottle shape.

Disadvantages: Because the material is aluminum foil, the quality and effect at home and abroad is uneven. Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, adhesion are not uniform (good and bad).

We use good quality Japanese KOMA GPZ-A series gold foil for hot stamping process, which has good resistance to perfume corrosion and adhesion. It can pass the international perfume corrosion test and 3M adhesion test.

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