“How to discover your favorite perfume?” it is like how to pick the biggest ear of wheat in the wheat field.

Everyone’s answer to the question of “using perfume” is different. Understanding the motivation in your subconscious mind will make this question more meaningful. There are two main purposes for the mainstream.

To please others: through a unique perfume to leave others a deep impression of you are tasteful and charming, in this way to increase your personal image, then further get favored and chased by others. So, you should focus more on the combination of perfume with your external image. By learning you can familiarize yourself with what scents go with which occasion decently, and match what kind of dressing gracefully, you are able to buy a set of perfume which suitable for a certain purpose, finally you will have Countless selection collections.

To please yourself: wearing perfume just simply because that you enjoy being with perfume, you are addicted to its fragrance, no business with anyone else. In this case, you should feel different styles of perfumes as much as possible, and gradually shorten the scope. Then focus on digging up what fragrance, what smell, what spice really attracts you, and improve efficiency for your own way of finding fragrance.

Of course, these two purposes are not completely independent, so you can also enjoy yourself while adding personal charm, but you’d better listen to your inner voice: of the two motives, which is the main one and which has the upper hand. Having figured this out, it will make your own perfume road more pleasant, and make you have a clearer purpose when choosing a perfume.

Beyond of the fragrance itself, the bottle packaging is another vital factor that attract you own a perfume. Custom perfume packaging has became the main trend among high-end perfume field. You could judge how the scent will be in the first sight of its bottle.

So now you may have a preliminary option of the perfume you loved now?

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