All of us know how important role the perfume packaging plays in perfumery field. A successful perfume bottle set can stimulate people’s emotions and touch one’s heart directly. It is further more than a simple containers of fragrance in nice shape, which also possess the value of brand connotations and meaningful private collection.

Overview the perfume bottle set, most of glass bottles are in very regular shape, while the caps are more conscientious and carefully selected. It is essential to know clearly characters of the most popular 5 caps.

Zamac cap:

The first choice of famous niche brands. The luxury material of alloy zinc has such appeal with its heavy metal texture and cool feeling. It is produced by die casting moulds. After initial surface treatment: brushing or hand polishing, the color will be coated by electroplating or cataphoresis. It has been a trend that perfumers prefer to choose a standard glass bottle, but match with customized brand-style zamac cap which makes the bottle overwhelming.

In current Chinese market, there are all kinds of zamac caps in different classes, the quality could be judged by in three major aspects: the content of zinc, the thickness of electroplating layer, and the details of surface treatment;

Surlyn Cap:

Different from other caps, surlyn cap is very special that could touch perfume directly. It is made of surlyn resin which has an excellent resistance of abrasion and scraping, and corrosion. This material is extremely transparent and can make the cap a better color purity and can be decorated with any color. Besides, it has excellent injection moldability and mold reading ability, which means that the smallest details on the mold can be designed, and it can also be accurately restored to achieve a wonderful design. Because of the purity and transparency, surlyn cap is very popular among Europe and US brands, especially for eau de toilette perfumes.

ABS Cap:

The most noteworthy characteristics of ABS cap is its economical cost and flexibility. It has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability. The raw material is generally opaque, which can be customized in different decorations. A wide range of surface treatments can be applied, such as UV, metalized, watertransfer printing, etc. The ABS cap are flexible formed that can be reach delicate complex design in high accuracy that zamac may not do easily.  Recently, many perfumers like to use ABS weighted with metal inside, that looks similar to expensive zamac quality but cost-effective. The ABS cap is a good choice for middle markets and complex designed project.

Acrylic cap:

The appearance of Acrylic cap looks like the combination of Surlyn and ABS. It has good transparency, easy dyeing,and throw resistance. It gives the cap an elegant appearance and high-grade texture. With crystal transparency,the coloring acrylic cap can have a very good color rendering effect. It has a light weight and low cost so can fit for mass market well.

Wooden Cap:

The solid wooden cap always has a big group of fans around the world. It is made of real wood and can make the shape in square, rectangle and cylinder,etc, that can be painted in various colors, the vintage brown or black are most popular. It is particular for classic fragrance with timelasting. The most direct way to judge the quality of wooden cap is its density, generally speaking, wooden in high density could last longer time and reserved well.

When matching a bottle with cap, besides of the concordance and esthetic of outlook appearance, the matchment of function between cap, bottle and sprayer is equal important. Abely has a experienced team of designer and engineers, could help you finalize your ideal perfume packaging with professional guidance. We are waiting for you!

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