There are many types of glass, which play an important role in various industries. Most of glass perfume bottles are blown by bottle-making machine. For different quantity and glass weight requirements, the bottles will be produced in different machines. In Chinese market, the I.S. bottle-forming machines characteristics as below:

1) Single-gob machine: Suitable for bottle 85g – 200g, MOQ 50,000pcs, daily output around 100,000 pcs;

2) Double-gob machine: The production capacity is double of single-gob machine. Suitable for large order 30g-80g, MOQ 100,000 pcs, daily output around 150,000 – 200,000 pcs;

3) 8S automatic machine: The glass bottle produced by the automatic unit has smoother surface finish, higher product forming rate, minimal error in weight and capacity, and effectively guarantees the production efficiency and quality. Suitable for luxury niche perfume brands with high-quality heavy glass bottles 200g – 450g, MOQ 30,000 pcs, daily output around 8,000-10,000 pcs;

4) Semi-automatic machine: The previous steps from melting to forming are controlled by electronic automatic system, after bottles are formed, they will be picked up to conveyor belt by hand. The semi-automatic machines are suitable for various of bottles, normally 300g – 450g, production time is long, comparatively somestimes glass quality not so stable, MOQ 20,000 pcs, daily output around 2,000 – 3,000 pcs;

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