Perfume bottles come in various of designs, so what are the basic elements you need to know when choosing or designing your own perfume brand?

Whether from bottle shape, color, or packaging design, women’s perfume bottle should be in line with its own characteristics. For example: some female fragrances are romantic, gentle and sexy, while others seek grace, refinement and serenity. Some pursue noble, elegant and luxury, while some others symbolize pure love and natural freshness. Such as’’ Coco’’ express an idea of sophistication, extreme precision, and confidence. Its perfume packing is simple and modern, the design of the bottle body in golden proportion, the pure and concise lines, and the radiant light reflected by the twenty-six diamond cutting surfaces on the bottle cap completely overrides the traditional aesthetic, that makes this perfume bottle a classic piece of Modern Art.

The packaging of men’s perfume bottle gives a sense of simplicity, elegance and harmony. Its shape is more rigorous, thick, the use of more straight lines, full of masculinity. Male colognes are also in a variety of styles. Some of them are designed for men with creativity, vitality, love of life and romantic appropriateness, while some of them are vigorous, classical and elegant, while others tend to return to innocence, much simple and relaxed. For example, ‘’POUVHOMME’’, a bottle designed from what used to be a man’s must have, a flat powder keg shape which perfect fits a man’s hand. It is a good selection for men who like to travel and fantasize about the future, it is brave, agile, full of risk, it is both the essence and balance, both traditional sensibility and modern reason, deeply loved by men. Another one, ‘’Live Jaz’’ men’s perfume, simple atmospheric black-and-white match with a piano-like color, is intended to explain the duality of men. This perfume concept of music, black and white contrast packaging design, just like jazz gives the impression of a free, unrestrained, informal, self-characteristics of strong personality.

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