Material staining &Surface painting, which is better for perfume bottle?



One of the popular decorations in perfume industry is dressing kinds of colors on glass perfume bottle surface. Nomrally there have two options to reach this stunning effect.


One is material staining, another is surface painting. So what’s the difference between them?


Material staining: ion coloring.Is the glass material adding cobalt (Co) and manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), and other compounds, the transition elements in ionic state exists in the glass, because of their valence electrons transition between different energy levels (ground state and excited state), cause the selection of visible light absorption and coloring, such as cobalt blue color such as nickel, manganese violet, green glass. Normally it produce by semi-automatic machine, so the quality is not good as the latter, and we has to clean the machine repeatedly, otherwise there will have risk of colour mixture. The MOQ 30Kpcs for each color, this will be the headache for some customers who is planning to have small quantity to testing market at the beginning.


Surface painting: it is in the glass surface coated with metal, metal oxides, etc., to form a transparent, translucent or opaque color coating.Blue SnO2 films and golden Fe2O3 films can be prepared by coating SnCl4 and FeCl3 on glass surface by chemical thermal decomposition.By means of vacuum evaporation, vacuum cathode sputtering and reactive sputtering, metallic films such as gold, silver and copper or metal oxide films such as In2O3, SnO2 and TiO2 can be prepared. Because of the different thickness and refractive index of the films, interference films and reflection films of different colors can be formed.In float glass production line, color glass with surface coloring can be made by using electric float or thermal spraying.Can also be printed or sprayed glass glaze, made of glazed glass bottles. This the most popular and flexible way. It produce by full-automatic machine, the quality is steadily and reliable, the MOQ is 10Kpcs for one color only, that’s the good news for most of the customers.


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