The Process of Zinc Alloy Perfume Cap



Today, we gonna talk about the process of alloy perfume cap. On the whole, the there have 6 steps mainly.


Die-casting: based on the requirements of custom alloy perfume cap, and the unique shape from different customers's idea, the die-casting is the first step to custom the shape. 


Surface treatment: there have some defective corners after came out from the mould directly, so the suitable surface treatments can improve the flatness of overall appearance. 


Polishing: this step will be the intensive processing, the smooth surface to keep next step metallizing more favourably.


Metallizing: normally, there has two kinds of zinc alloy finishing, one is normal metallic, another is high end galvanization. Both of them are keeping alloy cap  more artistic, also the appropriate surface treatment can enhance the corrosion resistance of theexisting alloy cap which has important practical significance.


Full inspection: this is one of the most important steps in whole project to avoid or assuage your concern, our stringent quality system in place that guarantees your each perfume components, to be delivered with topnotch quality, and pass Strict Quality Inspection Standards, such as SGS, Asia Inspection, etc,.


Packaging: normally we provide different options for keeping the perfume caps safely during long time shipment, including custom EVA, plastic tray, etc,. Especially the custom EVA, it can fit the perfume cap well based on the special protection for bump against on corners and the smoothness of a surface.


You are ready to custom your own alloy perfume cap? Just feel free to contact us now! Our experienced designer team prepares the unique design at first step, then the outstandingly able engineer team combines the actual production feasibility to ensure your design produce successfully. From design to production is not a dream, here is the international destination, where all your custom perfume projects dreams may come true!


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