Why are prices different for the same perfume bottles ?



No matter what industry, we would hear one strong voice every day: why are prices different for the same product? You may have to discover the high value-added behind a simple product. Today we would like to talk about the custom perfume bottles as example.


Design(R&D) service:

We provide free perfume bottle design service for all of our quality customer and a unique value proposition. Our experienced designers create new perfume designs regularly with eye of innovation, and focus on helping our customers to lead the packaging trend, let the exclusive bottle to be the signal of a luxury perfume brand. As long as you have idea or plan to make a custom perfume bottle, our designers are happy to discuss with you from design to production, study together step by step, including design proposal, modeling, prototyping, 3d rendering, production, etc,. Also, our engineer would go over the structure combine the practical possibilities, that’s very essential for avoid detours on real perfume bottle production.


Sales promotion service:

Our professional sales team not only provide basic commercial transaction service but would support you extra unique service: according to market conditions, to provide scientific and effective marketing programs, and proposes rich each kind of promotion as well as the implementation emotion promotion plan promotion strategy. We started from the analysis of customer needs, combine with promotional strategy of multiple system users, summed up promotional model and propose solutions for some of the problems. Meanwhile, our sales team masters a variety of marketing platform, based on perfume product characteristics and promotion, formulate the targeted plan of product-promoting. So when you have headache on marketing promotion, just feel free to discuss with us. 


After-sales service:

Our purpose: where there are problems, there are solutions.

Customer complaints - timely communication - find the reason - new solution.

Quality problems - investigation, compensation and new solution. For example: lacking of quantity: based on customer grade stratification, we give specific reasonable compensation plan.


So now maybe you got the answer on this thorny problem? Of course, there should have various kinds of answers. Welcome to discuss more details. As the perfume bottle wholesale supplier in China, we are ready to be your private consultant on any perfume packaging design issues. 



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