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The initial function of the perfume packaging is to protect and preserve our products well. With the develop of society and marketing, it is muti-function with rich implications. It is to a great extent used as a media to spread the brand value and position. Therefore, to know your product positioning, market and consumer group is the first step to determine which kind of box for your perfume.


On the large range, the common used perfume boxes includes paper box, wooden box and plastics box. Among them, the wooden box is very expensive and suitable for luxury gift set packing; as to plastic box, if you plan to custom the box, you will have to develop new plastic injection mould, the mould cost is very high and takes much longer time. In this situation, the paper box is blue-eyed boys of most of brands because of the its flexible, economical and environmental characteristics.     


Compare to wooden box and plastic box, the paper box can be decorated freely in any effect, such as printing, foil hot stamping, debossing, embossing, UV and etc; what’s more, all kinds of special papers, such as leather effect, crocodile effect, fine linen effect, wooden effect and etc, that the best pretender to give the box unique and vivid feeling in both visual and touch.  


According to the structure of paper box, it could be roughly divided into folding box, rigid box, and folding rigid box.


Different from folding box, the rigid boxes are various in structure designs. Such as cylinder box, book-shaped box, slipping box, lid and base box and etc. Customers could choose the box design freely to match their bottle perfectly.


Folding box has common single structure simply combined by outer box and inner corrugated liner. Normally the material of folding box paper is selected C1S art printing paper, there are white printing paper, high-quality silver paper and gold paper with metal effect, the weight of paper ranges from 120g to 375g that is up to customer’s quality requirements. The whole steps could be made by automatic machine, production time is comparatively shorter and less costly.  

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Rigid box is combined by surface art printing paper, hard cardboard and inner tray. The cardboard (1200g-1400g) of box is formed by semi-automatic machine, then stick surface paper (100g-150g) by hand with glue and fix inner tray which can be plastic tray, foam tray, and A-class EVA tray. Besides of the raw material selection, rigid box has very strict standard on detail treatment. A high-quality rigid box have neat edge lines, proper tightness of the tray with bottle, and never visible glue to be found, they should be took care of well as a nobility.

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Lid and base box has a simple structure and heavy pattern. It is easy to form standardization in actual production. The Lid And Base Box can create a full range of visual impact from the opening method, which can deepen the consumer's awareness and expectation of the product. Many high-end perfumers would like to use the lid and base box.

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Cylinder box is special for the cylinder bottles. It is in perfect harmony with the cylinder bottles and can reflect the perfume well when coating with the right color and pattern. Certainly, it only fits for a particular group and the budget need to be arranged more than folding box.

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Rigid folding box is likely the combination of folding box and rigid box, made by rigid cardboard but could be folded to reduce transportation space. There is no any protect tray for bottle inside the box, mostly it works as gift set box.

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Abely has sufficient version of boxes for selection, professional team of designers for custom box decoration, advance 7+1 printing machine and skilled production lines, welcome to develop your own perfume packing here.

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