Glass Bottle Production Step 2-Melting - Abely Perfume



Melting: The raw materials of glass bottles are heated under high temperature into bubble-free glass liquid. This is a very complicated physical and chemical reaction process that is carried out in melting furnace in strict on temperature requirement.


Normally the temperature inside the melting furnace must within 1300 ~ 1600℃. The perfume glass bottles which produced at the most beginning (when the temperature not high enough) are mostly defective. During the melting process, there will produce some subtle bubbles in glass liquid if temperature inevitably changes. The common standard to judge whether a glass bottle with bubble defect or not is to see if the the diameter of bubble more than 1mm, some factory may have higher standard to serve for luxury brands high-end market.   Generally, the more stable the temperature is, the better quality the glass will be.  


The melting furnaces work 24h everyday; Once stopped, the life of the furnace will be greatly reduced or even damaged.


Glass Bottle Production Step 2-Melting - Abely Perfume(图1)

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