Glass Bottle Production Step 3-Forming - Abely Perfume



Forming: The transformation of molten glass into a solid product with a fixed shape. It is a process of cooling under a certain temperature, from viscous liquid state to malleable state and then to brittle solid state. Common forming methods can be divided into artificial forming and mechanical forming.


Artificial forming: Taking out a ball of semi-solidified glass from high-temperature furnace by a nickel-chromium blowing pipe,then blow it and turning around it in hand until the shape is formed. This forming way is mainly used for craft bottle in small batch.


Mechanical forming: Because of the high labor intensity, high temperature and poor condition of artificial forming, most of them have been replaced by mechanical forming in automatic I.S. glass bottle-making machine.

The main steps:


1) Cutting material: the glass liquid is cut by scissors into glass droplets of a certain weight; the electronic system controls the machine to precisely distribute the glass liquid to each trough.


2) Forming bottle neck: the glass liquid falls vertically into the initial parison mould and is blown to complete the forming of the neck of perfume bottle.


3) Forming perfume bottle complete: flip the glass bottle into a mold on the other side and blow out the body of bottle.


4) Cooling bottle: take out the glass bottle, after cooling by cooling air, transfer it to conveyor belt and enter annealing furnace.


5) Inspecting and packing


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